Thursday, March 4, 2010

Waiting...for Patience ;)

Ugh. I want this season to start NOW. :) And it isn't for the reason you think. I'm not excited by the cast at all, so I want the season to start so I can see them dance and get an idea for who I'm gonna like.  Mark is being awful quiet this season so rehearsal pics or funny stories...yet. :) Hopefully he will have more soon. I'm not very fond of the cast pic, but that's because they put Shannen in that's not a good dress for her body type, I don't think. Mark looks super good though. I'm a big fan of the 5'oclock shadow. :) Hoping to see what they actually look like in a dance pose soon.  The cast pic just shows them standing there. lol

Anyone getting sick of Mark incessently tweeting about "go listen to my music!" Yeah, I got it Marky. ;) I listened. I liked. I will buy when I have money...promise! Anyone new to your twitter can read the last tweet...and the tweet before that...and the tweet before that. No need to post it over and over with hardly any tweets between.  Now, if he was posting lots of updates between each 'pimp' tweet, I wouldn't be annoyed at all!

No, I'm just messing with ya, Mark. I'm not really annoyed with your tweeting - I'm just afraid that some people might find it a little 'spam'-y. :) I'd love more tweets about what it was like making the EP or writing the songs or interactions with fans...I mean, if he needs ideas for tweets. I'd really love some tweets about his rehearsals with Shannen...other than "just rehearsed, going great." LOL Oh well, a girl can dream. :) Or rather, a "nearly middle aged woman" can dream. hehehe  I'm really happy for him and I look forward to hearing more music from him.  It's really great stuff. :)

I've linked to Mark's EP in Amazon and iTunes over on the right sidebar. Check it out! And tell your friends! (please?) I rated it 5 stars in iTunes and left a review and I also updated my review on the Ballas Hough Band's BHB album to say "go check out Mark Ballas' new album "Waiting for Patience", as well as the Ballas Hough "Move" single review.  :) This is an independent release, so word of mouth is SO IMPORTANT! :D

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