Thursday, April 22, 2010

Calling all Markettes! Birthday Project!!!

And male Mark fans too...what do we call the male Mark fans? ;) Everyone is welcome! :D

Here it is! The birthday project for Mark Ballas' birthday!

(DON'T TELL MARK! lol Let's try to make this a surprise for him!)

Mark turns 24 on May 24th, and I wanted to find a way to give Mark a great birthday present.

Mark lost his uncle Dave to suicide six years ago, as he explains in his blog. Mark's song, "All For Nothing" is what Mark would have liked to have said to his uncle, if he had had the chance.

So, this birthday project is in memory of Uncle Dave and in honor of Mark's 24th birthday.

I've spoken with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a charity that Mark supports, and they have helped to direct me to, where I have set up a fundraiser page.

Please, visit and give what you can to this great cause, in honor of Mark and his family.  And tell your friends!  Let's get the word around to all Mark Ballas fans, so everyone can participate if they so choose! :)

In addition, if you would like to also contribute some fanart, letters, or poems, just send them to our email address and I'll get them sent off to Mark as well.


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