Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mark's choreography is on Thin Ice...

;) Ok, that's a tabloid headline if I ever saw one. hehehe, sorry about that.

No, but really, Mark has done some choreography for the new ABC show, "Thin Ice".  It only has 2 episodes right now (and I honestly don't know if they are different episodes, or just the same show, reaired).  Mark's former partner, Kristi Yamaguchi, will be one of the judges of the competition.  Basically, it's an Ice Dancing competition, where professional ice skaters from four disciplines (women's, men's, pairs, and ice dancing) will be paired off (not with their real pro partner though) and will skate to try and win some moolah. It's next week...and I've never seen a commercial for it.  Mark's mention was the first I had heard of the show.  Not sure if this will end up being a series, or just a one-shot deal.

Thin Ice airs on Friday, March 19th 8|7c and Sunday, March 21st 7|6c.


Shizuka Arakawa, Japan, 2006 Olympic Champion
Elena Berezhnaya, two-time World Champion and Olympic Co-Champion
Shae-Lynn Bourne, Canada, 2003 World Champion ice dancer
Marie-France Dubreuil of Canada, five-time Canadian National Ice Dancing Champion and two-time World silver medalist
Stephane Lambiel, Switzerland's World Champion, fresh from the Vancouver Olympics, where he came in 4th
Patrice Lauzon, five-time Canadian National Champion and two-time World silver medalist as an ice dancer
David Pelletier, Canada, 2001 World Champion, 2002 Olympic Champion as a pairs skater
Jamie Salé, of Canada, 2001 World Champion, 2002 Olympic Champion as a pairs skater, and winner of the inaugural Battle of the Blades with partner Craig Simpson
Michael Weiss, three-time U.S. National Champion and World bronze medalist
John Zimmerman, three-time U.S. National Champion and World bronze medalist as a pairs skater

Confirmed pairs are:
Shae-Lynn Bourne / John Zimmerman
Marie-France Dubreuil / Michael Weiss
Jamie Salé / Patrice Lauzon
Elena Berezhnaya / Daivd Pelletier
Shizuka Arakawa / Stephane Lambiel


In other news, Evan Lysacek has asked Mark Ballas to choreograph a routine for him.  I'm assuming this is for Evan's Figure Skating career, NOT Dancing with the Stars.  Pretty sure Anna has Evan's choreography covered for DWTS. ;)  So, look for that in the future. :) I'll post if I find out any further information. :)

Update: Mark confirmed via Twitter that this choreography will be for Evan's figure skating. :)

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