Monday, March 1, 2010

Season 10 Cast

The cast names were revealed tonight after the Bachelor (eww).  The celebrities on Season 10 are:

Pamela Anderson
Kate Gosselin
Nicole Scherzinger
Erin Andrews
Shannen Doherty
Niecy Nash

Aiden Turner
Jake Pavelka
Buzz Aldrin
Evan Lysacek
Chad Ochocinco

There is a video announcing the celebrities over at, buuuuut, ABC has changed their set up and I can't embed the video here anymore. LAME.

The pro partners will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday) morning on GMA, sometime in the 3 hour broadcast.

Honestly, I'm not stoked about this cast at all.

The thing I'm most disturbed by....Shannen.  I'm going to try and contain my....dislike for her, but I simply cannot fathom ever voting for her....and the rumor is that she's with Mark Ballas.

What the HELL am I going to do?  :((((

And I thought last season was a trainwreck....

Maybe a miracle will happen and there will be good competition and dancing and growth from week to week.  I can only pray.  And I am.  A lot.


  1. This is about the equivalent of season seven. You will have to decide how bad you want to watch Mark. If you don't want to lose him early you will vote-plain and simple. Not a huge Shannon fan but I am voting for Mark like mad. No question for me!

  2. I'm not going to just say "I'm not voting for her", but her attitude has always been (perhaps it will be different) so bad that I will not want to vote for her. I vote for the dance couples I want to watch each week...I just PRAY it includes Mark Ballas. :) Let's hope she's changed her ways a bit! :D