Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Season 10 Couples

The dance couples were announced this morning on GMA.  You can check the list here if you would like: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/WinterConcert/dancing-stars-cast-professional-partners-revealed-gma/story?id=9981740

Here is the list:

Pamela Anderson - Damian Whitewood
Erin Andrews - Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Buzz Aldrin - Ashley Costa (DelGrosso)
Kate Gosselin - Tony Dovolani
Shannen Doherty - Mark Ballas
Evan Lysacek - Anna Trebunskaya
Niecy Nash - Louis Van Amstel
Chad Ochocinco - Cheryl Burke
Jake Pavelka - Chelsie Hightower
Nicole Scherzinger - Derek Hough
Aiden Turner - Edyta Sliwinska

I must say, I'm surprised, when they already have 8 pro male dancers and only needed 6 for the season, that they would bring in a NEW GUY. Boggles the mind. I always feel bad for the celebrities who get put with the new pros....the new pros tend to not fully understand the process and rules. Look at Lacey's first season, Dmitry's, Mark's, Derek's....all of them had many judge comments directed at the pro and not the celebrity. Things relating to the choreography, props, or blocking choices, etc.  It's just that newbie thing - it's trial and error.  Nothing wrong with that, but it's harder for those couples to do well, because they have extra obstacles to overcome.  Dmitry made many mistakes, week after week - and got through because Mya was already a trained dancer.  For me, this show isn't about how great a dancer you are...it's about how well you play the game.  Yes, DWTS is a game...it has rules, obstacles, and challenges.  And you need a gameplan to get through it.  You have to plan ahead and think things through.  I want to see couples that play the game well, not necessarily couples that dance perfectly. :)

I'm super surprised Ashley is back.  I checked her out online a few months ago and it seemed like she had moved on to other things.  I really didn't think she was still part of the show.  But, okey dokey.  I mean, we bring in Ashley who was totally off the radar and leave out Lacey, a huge fan favorite....uhm.  But, the celebrities are always asked who they would most like to dance with and are usually paired with (if it works out) that pro.  Guess none of those guys thought they could handle Lacey Schwimmer? ;) She's too awesome for most men, it's true.  :D  At least we will still see her in pro dances (I HOPE).  She dances well with Mark Ballas.

Tangent: I had a dream that Ballroom Dancing was made into an Olympic Sport (It should be!!) and Mark Ballas and Lacey Schwimmer teamed up and went to the Olympics and got Gold.  It was awesome.  I want that to come true!

Ok, back to the list. LOL

Yeah, so otherwise...nothing to say.  I wish Mark had been paired with...eh. I don't really wish Mark had been paired with any of these girls. LOL

The video at GMA (or if you watched the announcement live) includes an interview with Kate and Tony.  I'm glad to hear that Kate will be commuting and rehearsing in her basement while the kids are at school or sleeping.  At least she's not in LA.  But still, it's two intense jobs...raising 8 kids and this show.  If her kids were older and more independent, maybe it would be ok.  But, whatevs.  :)

I'm not overly excited about any of these couples, so I'll just wait and see who catches my eye on the premiere week.

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