Monday, August 16, 2010

Mark Ballas at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Not sure if I found everything...let me know if you've seen something out there I've missed. :D

Mark flew to Wisconsin on Sunday (August 15, 2010) to help with the demolition on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Chelsie, Anna, Derek, and Tony were also present.

Ty Pennington posted many pictures on his Twitter account:
 photos copyright Ty Pennington, 2010

Mark posted this photo of him and Anna at the airport...flew all night:
photo copyright Mark Ballas, 2010

PostCrescent has a bunch of pics:
photos copyright Anthony Wahl, 2010

Tweeter @SassyMonkey719 posted this pic of Mark and Derek:
photo copyright Niki (@SassyMonkey719), 2010

Video of the demolition. You can actually see Mark's arms in the crowd...but I included it mostly for the dance. This is their 'demolition' dance. lol

EMHE posted this behind the scenes video. Lots of Marky in this one :)

If I come across anything else, I'll add it! :)

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