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Week(s) in Review - April 5 - April 18

Well, I didn't get a Sunday review done last week, so this one will be for the last two weeks. :)

April 5th was an acoustic show at The Mint and was a good one, from what I heard.  Christopher Hall of E! Entertainment posted a picture of Mark and Chelsie at the show, which I posted here

Also on that page is a picture Mark posted of him and the other musicians from the April 6th DWTS result show. Mark played Flamingo guitar with two other musicians while Derek and Chelsie danced a Paso Doble.  It was a wonderful performance.  I posted a video and screencaps.

On April 7th, we got a blog from Mark at Hollyscoop.  They claimed that Mark would blog every week, even though he was out of the competition, but we have yet to get a blog for week 4 of DWTS.  The blog posted on April 7th was for week 3 (even though it says week 2 in the blog). I'll be keeping a lookout for an update to Mark's blog; hopefully he updates it this week. :)

On April 8th, Mark tweeted that it was the first day off the crutches. :) Gettin' better! 

On April 11th, Mark was a guest on the Reality Cares radio show.  It is an hour long show.  Mark talked about DWTS, his music, his uncle's suicide, and the AFSP.

ChicaGirl magazine tweeted that they were going to interview Mark at his big show on April 12th.  According to their website, the interview will be available in Issue 11.  I'll post a link when it is available to read. :)

April 12th, Mark did a Twitterview or Twinterview (call it what you want) with Wonderwall MSN.  I posted the transcript of the interview here.

Also on April 12th, Mark posted a great pic of him and his dad, that I totally forgot to post on the blog:
photo copyright Mark Ballas, 2010

The Mint show on April 12th was a sold-out, full band show.  It was treated as his album release party, red carpet and all.  The event was called "An Evening with Mark Ballas".  Check out this post for some pictures from the event.  Mark also posted a pic of the stage from one of the rehearsals for the big Mint performance, found in this post - which also contains pics of Mark's Vibe kids.  They performed on DWTS on April 13th.

Check out the Vibe dance team's performance from April 13th here.  There is also some footage of the kids rehearsing with Mark in this video (screencaps here as well).

On Friday, April 9th, E! posted an article with quotes from Mark stating that his knee needed a twitter account and then this weekend (April 16th), his knee began twittering (MBallasKnee). And then the other body parts started showing up to the party.  His shoulder is tweeting (MBLeftShoulder), as well as Cheryl's ring and various body parts belong to Derek Hough (Hair, Abs). Be sure to check them out, it's pretty hilarious. :)  Mark has been chatting with his knee and shoulder this weekend, which has been rather humorous. :)  It all started with Evan's Toe though. ;)

Mark has been posting a few pictures of his knee over the past week. I think he's getting bored not being able to dance. ;)

Mark says "Hot Wire my Heart" is the name of a new song...but right now it seems like it's "hot wire my knee"

Doing exercises to get strong again:

The knee got to wear some new jeans:

Since Derek's hair started tweeting as well, the knee and hair decided to post a picture together:
all photos of the knee copyright Mark Ballas, 2010

I think the pain killers have made Marky a little loopy. =P

Well, I think that about wraps it up for the past two weeks.  Here are some tweets that are notable from the past couple weeks. :)

Twitter notable updates from the weeks of April 5-18:
The Examiner says that @OfficialMBallas is a wanna-be singer RUDE! - Excuse me, but he IS a singer, and dang fine one!

RT @OfficialMBallas @BewitchBallas thank u for ur support and dedication, love ya

RT @OfficialMBallas Day 1 off the crutch, don't get cocky now mark ;)

RT @ChicaGirlMagazine @BewitchBallas ChicaGirl Magazine will be interiviewing Mark Ballas Monday 12th at The Mint! See everyone there! 8:30!!

RT @TracieMayWagner @OfficialMBallas and my hubby Phillip...

Finally found it! Mark's interview with John Jay and Rich from March 18, 2010:

New poll on the Facebook page: :)

RT OfficialMBallas Just had a rehearsal with my full band, all I can say is They are Awesome, the show @MintLA on the 12th is going to be SICK  

RT @OhMeredith Thanks @LittleMissBizE for sending @OfficialMBallas to get his haircut today @StudioDNA. He was such a doll! And his hair-so supercute :)
RT @derekfrankbass @OfficialMBallas you must be at SIR... they've been there for weeks! bummed i'm not rockin' with ya!

New poll: What's your fave song on Waiting for Patience?

RT @RealityCares Call-in to our Radio Show on today at 2pm Pacific to speak with @OfficialMBallas @jennipulos: 323-203-0815

RT @Tom_Bergeron @BewitchBallas Ah yes, you never know what the camera will catch!

RT @OfficialDHough At Marks gig everyone is here .. Really proud of him this project means alot to him .. He's gonna kill it ..

RT @billinlv Gas LV to LA: $60., Hotel in LA: $160., Seeing @OfficialMBallas show @MINTLA: Priceless!!!!!!!

RT @RealityCares @OfficialMBallas performing live at The Mint Los Angeles!!  

RT @ExtraCarlo just covered @OfficialMBallas album party at The Mint. His cd is really good! Thanks so much ;) Mark says people should give Kate a break. :)

RT @OfficialMBallas My vibe kids in school for the day before dancing on the show, they are so bored lol ha ha ha

I've added 3 new pages to the website: Mark's Music:, Links:, Event Calendar: Hollyscoop's article about Mark's sold out performance at the Mint on April 12th. :)

RT @OfficialMBallas Just finished a new song, called "alot of faith a little will" I really like this one ;)
RT @OfficialMBallas RT @EvanLysacek @OfficialMBallas will you play your new song this Monday at MintLA? I sure will buddy, hope ur comin down

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