Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mark + Guitar + DWTS = AWESOME

Yes, that's what I said. GUITAR. Mark will be playing his guitar on DWTS (the Tuesday results show, April 6, 2010).  He will be playing Flamenco guitar to accompany Derek and Chelsie dancing.  They will probably dance a tango or a paso to the music...unless they do some sort of Flamenco inspired dance.  Flamenco is normally done by a solo woman.  It is a style of music/dance that is attributed to all of Spain, but is actually native of only the region of Andalusia.

Here is a video of a troop doing a traditional Flamenco style dance:

And here is a video to listen to some Flamenco guitar. There is quite a bit of it on YouTube and if you check them out, you'll notice the range of the style. It can be dark and passionate, but it also can be light and joyous. I'm rather fond of the guitar playing in this video:

Here is the picture he posted of Derek and Chelsie rehearsing:
photo copyright Mark Ballas

Great photo...the spotlight hit just right. And I like how they have a mirror rolled out on to the dance floor.  :) Portable mirrors FTW! :)

I'm really excited about this. Hearing Mark play some classical style music on his guitar is way at the top of my 'want' list. :) I can't wait! :D

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