Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Season 10 Possible Pro Dancers

Ok, possible pros for Season 10:

The men:
Derek & Mark have said as much
Tony & Maks have tweeted smiley faces
Louis apparently tweeted that he was back, but deleted it (there are happy responses to a non-existant tweet out there)
Dmitry & Alec have not said anything. Dmitry said he hasn't heard and Alec has not said a word.
Jonathan has said that he is out this season.

If we have 11 or 12 couples, like I've heard, then it looks like the men will probably be: Derek, Mark, Tony, Maks, and Louis - with a 6th spot possibly belonging to either Dmitry or Alec or the new dancer who has been mentioned: Damian. (update: Dmitry is out. Alec has still not saying anything..so it's either Alec or Damian)

The women:
Cheryl and Edyta have confirmed they are returning.
Anna T has stated that people need to take a chill pill and just be patient. (ok, she didn't say it like that, but GO girl for telling people to calm down. There are people on Twitter who are having seizures trying to figure out who will be on the new season.  Sheesh people.  breathe.  just breathe.)
Anna D, Kym, and Chelsie have not mentioned anything about the show.
Lacey has confirmed she is not returning.
Karina posted a "no" in response to a tweeters question if she was returning, so sounds like she's out too.

So, if we have 6 women returning, and we know that Lacey and Karina are out, then the other 6 should be in: Cheryl, Edyta, Anna D, Anna T, Kym, and Chelsie. (update, Anna T has confirmed she is back. and Louie Vito's sister has confirmed that Chelsie is back.)

So, that's were we are today with the pros, in case you just HAVE to know. lol  We will learn the cast on Monday night after the Bachelor (eww).

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