Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Season 10 Cast Rumors

Honestly, there hasn't been much in the way of rumors this season. ABC has been very tight lipped - even to the pro dancers.  Usually the cast is announced BEFORE the pros meet their partners. The pro dancers have often said in interviews that they sit around and debate on who will get what partner.  This season, they are meeting their partners this week, but the cast list isn't going to be revealed until NEXT week.  Weird.

Weirder is this little mention:

Louis van Amstel was asked via Twitter if DWTS would ever have an all-star season, where past celebrities on the show would compete again...his answer? "i thought they were gonna do that this season...."

Well, that's interesting.  It would be a pretty awful all star season, considering at least two of the former champions of DWTS are not available to do the show this season (Apolo Ohno, Season 4 - currently competing in the Olympics; Shawn Johnson, Season 8 - currently injured).  Please Lord don't tell me I have to sit through another season of Donny Osmond (Season 9's champion).  And what would the first few season champions do? They had a very different experience.  The first season was only a few weeks long and only had 6 contestants.  Kelly Monaco's winning performance would have sent her home in week 3 of the current level of competition.  Of course, they could be bringing back people from the top 3 or 4 or something too, not just champions.

Or perhaps the idea of an all-star season isn't what is going on.  I would love to see an all-star season...but one later (I was thinking season 13) and with only the champions against each other.  If they waited until season 13, they would have 12 champions to compete (if all signed on for the all-star season).  In any case, I would hate to see an all-star season without two of the biggest fan favorites, Apolo and Shawn.  And we can rule out Brooke Burke too (season 7 champion), because she's in the running to be a host.

Do I think they are doing an all-star season? I don't know...odd thing for Louis to say though.  If they are, I don't think it's the time for it.

Season 8 was the most perfect season of DWTS...the format, the number of couples, the line-up of dances...all very good and worked very well.  Season 9 was probably the worst season of DWTS.  The format was so bad, it was actually unfair.  I wish DWTS wouldn't try to one-up themselves every season.  Stick with what works...that season 8 format is great!  Add new dances, sure. The Charleston was great, I hope they put that back in the mix for this season too.

My idea of a fun all-star season would be all the champions from seasons 1-12 competeing in season 13 and the dances are hybrids.  So, the competition is about the creativity...they all already know the dances...give them a new hurdle.  Example...assign couple #1 the Tango and the Foxtrot...they have to come up with a hybrid dance that incorporates both dances into one.  Wouldn't that be interesting and fun?  It's sort of like the decade theme they had in season 9...futuristic Paso was the only one that really worked...but the idea was interesting. Themed dances.  Hybrid dances.  Could be interesting... :)

I'm not nearly as excited for this season as I usually am for a season...there is too much secrecy going on...no fun to ponder who could be on the show...who could dance with who...

Mark has confirmed that he's back this season - YAY! Lacey Schwimmer is not coming back. Boo. :(

And what is with not including Lacey? She's a HUGE fan favorite. I'm assuming that they don't have a contestant that would work well with her rebel/rockstar appeal.  She's not a traditional dancer, she pushes the limit and she would need a certain kind of partner for it to work. But, I'm sad.  No Lacey will be a little less fun.  We will miss you Lacey!

But, I'm super glad Mark Ballas is back! :D

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