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Mark Ballas at the Iowa State Fair Anderson Erickson stage, 2009

On August 13, 2009, Mark played at the Anderson Erickson stage.  It got some video and pics. We were in the front row. :)

To make sure we got good seats, we spent most of the day sitting at the Anderson Erickson stage. Luckily, it is a covered venue, so the sun wasn't beating down on us, but man was it hot and sticky. :( Glad I was wearing a white dress. That helped.  We watched the KCCI Channel 8 news, where Shawn and Mark made an appearance, then we watched a bunch of young girls dance, a magician, some duck calls, and the introduction of the Iowa County Fair Queens, who were competing to be the 2009 Iowa State Fair Queen.

At 7pm, The Nadas took the stage for an hour and sang some great songs.  They are always a good show. 
Then, after The Nadas, Mark Ballas sang a set, about 30-40 minutes.  :)  After the show, he signed autographs and took pictures.  I made Mark a sign, which is said he liked ("I love that sign! EPIC! That's my word!").  It's not my best work, since I don't normally draw in marker. lol But, it came out better than I thought it would. The poster said "MARK + IOWA = EPIC" and I drew pictures of him and Shawn dancing on it.

First here is a pic that Mark posted to Twitter from during the concert. You can see my poster! hehe:
photo copyright Mark Ballas, 2009

I have pictures of the poster and of him and I (we had to do two takes because the first try cut off the top of his head and he said we should get a better one for Twitter LOL), but I was sweaty and ugly and so I've cut myself out of the pics. =P No, but seriously, it was 100+ degrees and we were in that heat from 7am until 11pm. I was a hot mess. Literally. I looked cute at 7am. But of course Mark didn't see me at 7am. =P  Oh, and of course my phone didn't record him saying "Hey, I really like your poster" during the concert. D'oh! But, it was a fun day and Mark was worth sitting in the heat. :)

The poster:
photo copyright Bewitching Ballas Blog, 2009

Mark and I, take 1. I cut off the top of his head. LOL
photo copyright Bewitching Ballas Blog, 2009

Mark suggested we do another take "for Twitter". :D
photo copyright Bewitching Ballas Blog, 2009

To view the rest of the photos and video, click here:

Ok, so I don't know what possessed me to take a pic of myself that morning, but maybe I subconsciously knew that spending the day in the heat would make me puffy, sweaty, and I wanted record that I was sorta cute at one point. LOL anyhoo, here I am at 7am-ish. You can see that I'm sweating already. Dang it was so hot that week. ugh.

Before the concert, the stage is used for filming the channel 8 news throughout the day, so we watched that. The audio was horrible for the news. I was sitting front and center and I couldn't hear a word they were saying. I have a video, but it is hard to make out. Also, there was a LOT of screaming. :)

Video contents:
Shawn and Mark appearing on KCCI Channel 8 5pm news:
1. Mark talks about how it's his first Iowa State Fair. He was enjoying walking around and riding the rides. He was wearing an Iowa shirt
2. They talk about gymnastics and Dancing with the Stars
3. Mark was going to sing a song, but the sound guy wasn't set up for that yet.
4. Talked about Ballas Hough Band a little bit.

Next are some pics of Mark getting set up on stage and doing a sound check.  Some friends and family of Shawn's came to the show so she bounded out to greet them.  She got mobbed by people though, so she didn't hang around too long.  She hid out beside the stage for the rest of the evening. :)  We were in the front row, but some kids came and sat on the gravel in front of us (between the benches and the stage).

photo copyright Bewitching Ballas Blog, 2009

The rest of the show was all in video. The only song I didn't record was the first one: "Get Out Alive" because my phone locked up.  Mark tweeted about the show:



Every Step of the Way:

1. Talking about Dancing with the Stars
2. Sang Light On
3. Talks about the next song, "Pretty" (next video)

Singing "Pretty" a new song he began writing the night before (Aug 12, 2009):

Sexual Healing/Waiting on the World to Change Medley:

1. He says he loves Iowa and will definitely be back for next years State Fair :)
2. Sang All Tied Up (last song of the night)

Some other peeps got better video than I did, so if you would like to check them out go to their YouTube pages:

Blazing1010 videos:

Hawkeyegirl14 videos:

Sapphire92192 videos:

Taylor Hiatt is a local photographer who took pics for Mark and Shawn during the Fair and the Shawn & Friends show.  You might recognize this pic, since Mark had it as his Twitter avatar for a while:
photo copyright Taylor Hiatt, 2009

She has 55 photos from the concert, be sure to check them out!

And finally, here are a few pictures from the concert that I honestly can't remember where I got them from. If you know the copyright, let me know! I think they might be Des Moines Register pics.

previous five photos, copyright unknown. 2009

And finally, Tori (shawn's cousin) posted this one from the side of the stage where they were sitting:

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